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Self-Compassion in a Mindful Path

We have an option to turn inward with our difficult emotions to relieve suffering. Learning self-compassion gives an opportunity to ask ourselves-what do I need right now? With mindfulness we ask ourselves-what am I feeling right now? Knowing suffering is the beginning of healing with this practice.

Adults and their Children -Re-Connection with Mindful Living

Studies prove that when families begin practicing mindful living exercises-they begin communicating with less reactivity, kindness and compassion. Wouldn’t it be great to have more harmony in your family life this year??Due to our over scheduled lives, we have lost our abilities to have important times with our family to talk, look at each other

Mindful Training Reduces Test Taking Anxiety in Students Studies prove that mindful exercises can help reduce test taking anxiety resulting in better performance in school. Do you have a child that studies for endless hours, feels they know the material and then draws a blank when it’s time to take the test?? There is a tremendous amount of pressure out there to

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